Couples Therapy

Understanding When It’s Time to Seek Therapy

Understanding when it’s time to seek couples therapy can be crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship. Couples therapy can be beneficial when communication breaks down, conflicts escalate, or intimacy diminishes. I wholeheartedly believe it is always a good time to work on your relationship.

Let’s create resilient relationships together through couples therapy.

Helping Partners Navigate Their Relationship Challenges and Fostering Stronger, Healthier Bonds.

Couples Therapy

Creating Resilient Relationships through Couples Therapy

Achieving your goals in couples therapy requires commitment, honesty, and a willingness to change. It’s about more than just resolving conflicts; it’s about developing self-awareness and being willing to understand your partner’s perspective. The first step in the process is setting clear, achievable goals.

These might include improving conflict resolution skills, developing better communication patterns, or rekindling the spark in your relationship. Once these goals are established, we will work together to meet them. My approach focuses on integrating attachment-based and emotionally focused interventions to help you grow in your relationship. Remember, progress takes time and requires patience.

Healing from Trauma in Your Relationship with Couples Therapy

Relationships have the power to both harm and heal. Oftentimes and unintentionally, partners trigger one another’s deepest insecurities in the midst of conflict. Couples therapy can support healing in your relationship by understanding your own attachment injuries and creating change to ensure that generational cycles are not repeated. Trauma that is not transformed is transmitted. With an attachment based, trauma informed perspective – safety is key in the therapeutic relationship. Each session you will be met with warmth, empathy, and no judgment.

I understand that taking the first step towards healing can be scary and vulnerable. It can be uncomfortable to allow someone into the inner workings of your relationship and even more uncomfortable to look inward at yourself. You don’t have to navigate through that discomfort alone. When you’re ready to create resilient relationships with couples therapy, I’m here.

Couples Therapy
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